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1506: The Peace of Vienna

In 1505 growing tensions between the nationalistic Hungarian Estates and King Wladislav/Vladislav II Jagiello of Hungary resulted in a short war between Maximilian and Hungary. A swift Austrian advance on Eisenburg and Ödenburg forced the Hungarians to make peace quickly. In the Peace of Vienna (July 19, 1506), Maximilian gained both 200,000 guilders, and a confirmation of the Habsburg right of succession in Hungary.

Subsequent negotiations between Maximilian and King Wladislav/Vladislav addressed the proposed marriage between one of Maximilian’s grandsons and Princess Anna of Hungary, and that of Wladislav’s/Vladislav’s son (Ludwig) and Maximilian’s granddaughter Maria. The treaty, concluded in the fall of 1507, arranged the double wedding between these Habsburg and Jagiellonian children that took place at the Congress of Vienna in 1515.

Matthias Pfaffenbichler

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