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1500 - The Last Count of Görz (= Gorizia)

On February 27, 1497, Leonhard von Görz finalized a treaty with Maximilian in which he exchanged lands belonging to the counts of Görz in Friuli for regions in upper Carinthia. By signing this treaty Leonhard reconfirmed the Habsburgs’ right to inherit his domains after his death. Maximilian was well aware that time was working in favor of the Habsburgs and that his family would inherit Görz as well as eastern Tyrol and areas east of the River Isonzo.

When Count Leonhard of Görz died on April l2, 1500, all his possessions passed to Maximilian, including the counties of Görz and Inner Istria. Maximilian acted immediately, sending troops to occupy Görz to prevent Venice from claiming his the newly inherited lands.

Matthias Pfaffenbichler

March 11th, 1500: the Land Ordinance of Vladislav II

The Land Ordinance of Vladislav was the first proper codification of the rights of the Bohemian estates. All earlier attempts, which can be traced back to the thirteenth century, and all attempts by Charles IV to link it to the confirmation of his collection of laws Majestas Carolina had failed. Georg von Podierbrad had also attempted a codifications in the 1460s. But Vladislav II – or, to be more exact, the Bohemian nobility - prevailed because they had participated in the writing of the codex in the 1480s and 90s.

Following difficult negotiations, the representatives of the Noblemen and of the Knights agreed on the text of the codification in the 1490s. It was accepted by the diet on March 11th, 1500, and recommended for printing, which took place the same year. The Land Ordinance was the result of a collaboration between two estates, the Lords and the Knights, with the shared intention to diminish the political rights of the cities, which they had gained during the Hussite Revolution. The main author of this Land Ordinance was the Procurator of the Royal Chamber (Kammerprokurator) Albrecht Rendl von Unschau.

Antonín Kalous

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