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1494 – The Convention of Leutschau

On April 6th, 1494 Leutschau, (Levoca,Slovakia) in the region of the Zips, was the setting of a splendid family meeting of the Jagiellons that brought together the sons of former King Kasimier IV of Poland - King Wladislav/ Vladislav II of Hungary and Bohemia, Jan Albrecht II of Poland, Duke Sigismund, and Cardinal Archibishop Frederick Gnesen-and their brother-in-law Margrave/Markgraf Frederick V of Brandenburg. Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania did not take part in the conference.

Among other things they discussed the Ottoman advance, the situation of Moldavia/Moldow, the future of Duke Sigismund, the only one of the Jagiellonian brothers who had no territory of his own. We may assume that the kings and Margrave/Markgraf Frederick focused on an alliance and their response to the King Maximilian, who was not only about to attack King Wladislav/ Vladislav II of Hungary but was also threatening the Markgraf by supporting the city of Nuremberg Certain dynastic aims also played a role in the meeting of the Jagiellonian brothers.

By strengthening family bonds they also strengthened royal power in the states over which they ruled, foremost of them Hungary. This is illustrated by a secret document signed by Wladislav/ Vladislav II and Johann Albrecht at the end of the meeting, in which both (allied) kings pledged not to support each other’s rebellious subjects. The dynastic conference held on May 7th greatly strengthened the position of King Wladislav/ Vladislav II in Hungary.

Tibor Neumann

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